Sunday, August 7, 2016

New series: Sunday Super Sleuths

Since the regular book selections are picture books targeted for children from birth to age 4, I wanted to create something fun for the older kids. Thus Sunday Super Sleuths was born! On the first Sunday of every month, I'll choose a mystery book geared toward children ages 5-8, depending on maturity level. These go beyond the Goosebumps and Nancy Drew books, too.

Throughout the month, you and your child get to read a book and help the main character solve a mystery. When you've finish, come back here to find your Monthly Mystery Challenge and become sleuths to solve it. You can take it a step further and encourage your child to write down the adventures and create their own little mystery book.

Check out the Facebook page to share clues and your child's writing with other parents.

*The first Sunday Super Sleuth post will be published today, and the first Monthly Mystery Challenge will be available in one week, on the 14th. 

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